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Conservation Journal

Brachytrupes membranaceus

An extraordinary cricket

An extraordinary cricket (Brachytrupes membranaceus)

By Prof. Giovanni Costa, University of Catania

Among the research carried out within the long-term project “Behavioural adaptations of desert animals”, by collaborators and me since 1983, the giant cricket Brachytrupes membranaceus (Drury) certainly deserves special consideration. We have studied a population of this insect inhabiting the Gobabeb area within the Namib Desert, at a very short distance from the local Training and Research Centre about arid ecosystems and their diversity, located 120 km south-east of Walvis Bay.

The Ariadna Spider

The Ariadna Spider

The Ariadna SpiderAraneae: Segestriidae )

By Prof. Erminia Conti, University of Catania

With this article Eagles Rock Tours introduces its Conservation Journal. Under this topic, we will publish a series of popular scientific blogs by various authors, starting with Prof Erminia Conti and Prof Giovanni Costa from the University of Catania, who for 20 years did research in the Namib Desert and discovered many exciting phenomena.

Namibia, land of contrast, is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting country in the Southern Africa.