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purros lodge in Namibia

What are the best safari lodges in Namibia?

Eagles Rock tour operator has selected a range of lodges that offers a very high level of tourist reception and it is therefore possible to organize author itineraries with overnight stays in lodges with African charm.

Many of these lodges are ideal also for families and represent the perfect solution for a post-covid tour where standard requested by tourists are changed for example as regards to health and hygiene!. These lodges represent the excellence!.

1) Onguma the Fort - Etosha east
Southern Africa - Wildlife, Wine & Dine

Southern Africa - Wildlife, Wine & Dine

Eagles Rock Tours & Safaris in their collection of itineraries has selected a gastronomy tour dedicated to the Namibian cuisine and South African wines.

Since time immemorial, food has brought people together, to celebrate, indulge, and nourish. Nowhere is this more evident than in the South-western regions of Africa, where the variety of unique flavours and styles of cuisine to be enjoyed makes every meal an unforgettable gastronomic occasion. For the past four centuries, people from various geological

Birdwatching in Namibia

Birdwatching in Namibia

Namibia is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Most people think of the Namib Desert when they hear about thiscountry in the south-western corner on the African continent. However, there is much more toNamibia than just the oldest coastal desert in the world. From this barren piece of land stretching allalong the coast from the Deep South to far north-west and one of the world’s driest environments,over the arid central plateau to the more humid riverine forests and savannahs of the dry tropicalZambezi Region in the extreme north-east, ornithologists have recorded close to 700

Farmstays in Namibia

Farmstays in Namibia

Are you looking for a post Covid tour? Farmastay is the answer! Take a look at our Farmstay Edition tour.

Few countries in Africa include such a variety of adventure choices to an increasing number of next generation travellers such as Namibia.

From cultural experiences like spending time with San communities or OvaHimba families, to extreme activities such as rock climbing and abseiling. From 4x4 adventures in the country’s rugged mountain terrains to skydiving in the Namib Desert. From wildlife encounters in the

The Ostrich

The Ostrich

The ostrich (Struthio camelus LINNAEUS, 1758) is a species of bird of the Struthionidae family.

It is the largest of the living birds, but unable to fly.

The scientific name of the ostrich (Struthio camelus) contains a juxtaposition that had already been made by the ancients, the one between the bird and the camel, in which one of the fundamental characteristics of the species is reflected. The ostrich, in fact, is a true and genuine

Namibia desert

The vast place - the Namib desert

Old Namib...the vast land.

In my opinion one of the most fascinating places on earth, the Namib Desert, Namibia’s second World Heritage Site is the oldest coastal desert in the world.

Its origin dates back ca. 80 million years ago and its rusty red dunes testify its age.

Very interesting from both a geological and

Windhoek capital of Namibia

Windhoek and katutura

The modern and organized capital of Namibia has an entirely African character.
Melting pot of different cultures, men, and women every day walk the clean sidewalks and fill the modern Shopping Malls of the capital, and it is not difficult to meet Herero women in their traditional attire alongside businessmen dressed in the latest fashion.
The area was once known for its hot thermal waters, called / Ai // Gams in Damara/Nama and Otjimuise in OvaHerero,

Tramonto in Namibia

Sand in my shoes

If some sands remains in your shoes then Namibia awaits you back…this is what I always tell to my new-found friends on the way back to the airport…And I see tears in their eyes….because Namibia’s sand rests not only in your shoes, but has ingrained itself deep in your soul and heart.

In a little poem Emily Dickinson uses the image of the desert as a symbol for a romantic far land:

San or Bushmen

San or Bushmen – The oldest people in the world?

In the Kalahari, the largest desert of Southern Africa, the little San have lived for more than 44,000 years (some scientists even venture 100,000 years).

The latest research on the genetic code, the DNA of various populations of the world, has established that the San represent the most ancient human type, the one that comes closest to the ancestors