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Best digital detox lodges in Namibia

Eagles Rock Tours & Safari never tires of offering unique and bespoke experiences for you; this time we have selected some of the best digital detox lodges in Namibia; we think they are perfect to reconnect yourself to the nature and change the way you perceive the world!. If you are planning a relaxing safari in Africa you should take into consideration a digital detox tour and disconnect from your tech-life leaving all tech gadgets behind!

1) Onduli Ridge Lodge

Tucked away amongst granite kopjes in the rugged mountain region of Damaraland Onduli Ridge Lodge with its six tented bungalows lies a mere 20 minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Twyfelfontein in the Doro! Nawas conservancy. Named after the Doros Crater, Doro! Nawas describes “the place where rhinos roam”. True to its name, the region is the last refuge where black rhinos freely live together with desert-adapted elephants, common plains game, and apex predators such as lion, leopard, and cheetah, not to mention brown and spotted hyena. The moderate climate of Damaraland allows for naturally ventilated rooms and the camp boasts extraordinary views on Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, as well as geologically diverse scenery typical for this mountain desert, which can be admired from each of the six bungalows and open communal area. The landscape is characterized by craggy granite hills, forested river valleys, and mopane savannah. Other attractions next to the petroglyphs of Twyfelfontein include the Organ Pipes, the Burnt Mountain, and the Doros Crater. Instead of concentrating on present-day social media, leave your digital devices behind and marvel at the communication skills of ancient civilisations as you visit the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein.

2) Sossusvlei desert lodge

A quiet oasis where time stands still! Located within the &BEYOND Sossusvlei Private Desert Reserve, a vast expanse of 12,715 hectares (31,419 acres) deep in the Namib, the world’s oldest living desert the lodge lies deep in a sand sea of dunes, rocky outcrops and gravel plains, the absolute tranquillity and stunning clarity of light make this area one of the most captivating landscapes in Africa. The night skies are divine, with the concession bordering the International Dark Sky Reserve of the NamibRand Nature Reserve, which was declared the First African Reserve for the beauty and sharpness of its night sky thanks to the absolute lack of pollution and artificial light ( the nearest town is 140 km away). The darkness is therefore total as well as the silence. A show that guests of the lodge have the privilege of enjoying to the fullest. In all rooms, directly above the bed, a window opens with a sliding electric curtain that allows you to admire the starry sky comfortably lying down. Furthermore, every day, at nightfall, two astronomers explain stars and constellations to guests, taking advantage of the small private observatory of the lodge, equipped with a powerful telescope. An activity that has awarded the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge as one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation. During the day, do not miss the excursions with the rangers in the red desert in 4 × 4, but also by trekking or sliding barefoot along the dunes raising clouds of red and very fine sand.

3) Sonop Zanier lodge

Adventure in Old World style, and located within 13,800 private acres of the untouched Namibian desert, the Sonop Zannier Lodge has 10 tented suites and is built on granite boulders in authentic 1920's British colonial style. Stretching from horizon to horizon, enchanting beauty, and infinite freedom surround you, with adventures from morning to evening. Wellness integrated with the rejuvenating essence of the desert landscape with a spectacular outdoor infinity pool, spa, fitness centre, and daily yoga. Expedition-style outstanding, one- and two-bedroom tent suites embrace the wild desert views, each featuring a partially masonry bathroom, vintage bathtub, and private terrace.


4) Shipwreck Lodge Skeleton coast

Hidden away in the heart of the Skeleton Coast National Park, Shipwreck Lodge is located between the estuaries of the Hoarusib and Hoanib Rivers. A place wearing a veil of mystery and swirling clouds of fog. Spend time exploring a sensational environment of windswept plains and high sand dunes. Activities here include extraordinary safaris where you can catch spectacular sightings of lion, kudu, and elephant living in the desert and learn about the uniqueness of the unique flora that flourishes here. Marine life prospers here and Cape fur seals gather on the rocky coast. Learn the fascinating story behind the mysterious shipwrecks that line the coast.


5) Wolwedans dune lodge

Wolwedans, located deep within the NamibRand Nature Reserve, a privately owned reserve on the border of the Namib Naukluft Park, the private concession has been rehabilitated into a continuous natural habitat. It has thus become a nature sanctuary, completely free of fences, which allows animals to roam unhindered in their habitat. You will find a number of relaxing activities here, and while you may see some interesting desert-adapted species of plants and animals, the focus is certainly on the majestic scenery. Additionally, Wolwedans Dunes Lodge, nestled in the beautiful NamibRand Nature Reserve, introduced the concept of Solitude. Overlooking the vast red desert sand dunes, the lodge consists of nine individual "chalets" (built on wooden platforms and raised on stilts) set apart from the main lodge building. The NamibRand Reserve has been declared a UNESCO Dark Sky Reserve, where you can see countless myriad of stars in the night sky from horizon to horizon free from any light pollution whatsoever.

6) Little Kulala

Little Kulala is located in the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve, the gateway to Sossusvlei in the southern Namib Desert with its soaring dunes and clear starlit skies. Desert-adapted wildlife such as Oryx, Springbok, hyena, bat-eared fox, and cheetah add to the charm of the place. In close proximity to some of the world’s highest sand dunes, the understated luxury of the place offers an unforgettable experience. The Lodge is consists of 11 air-conditioned thatched roof "kulalas" that blend perfectly into the desert landscape, each with a private pool, indoor and outdoor showers, and an open-air rooftop star-bed for romantic views of the stars. A well-designed entertainment area includes a lounge, a dining room, a craft boutique a library, and wine cellar.

7) Okahirongo elephant lodge

It is one of the last true wilderness in the territory of the nomadic Himba tribe. Okahirongo Elephant Lodge overlooks the Hoarusib River and is one of the most remote lodges in Namibia. It is located in Kaokoveld in the Kunene region in the Purros Conservancy, 55 km from the coast and about 200 km south of the Kunene River. This is the only place in the world where desert elephants, black rhinos, giraffes and lions live in a desert environment. The lodge consists of 7 luxurious en-suite chalets and a two-bedroom suite with a combined living area, all facing spectacular panoramic views. The cottages are decorated in a rich and sensual fusion of ochre, honey and sand colours, each having their own unique style and atmosphere; the ethnic and locally carved furniture adds to the romance and harmony of the African environment. The infinity pool is so relaxing that you will want to stay there all day and the food is delicious. Your room boasts a bathtub and two showers, as well as a comfortable sofa bed with fantastic views. The lodge enjoys a spectacular view of the surrounding area; you can spend your days lazing by the pool, reading a book in the cool comfort of the library. The safaris are led by expert guides; you can spot lions, rhinos, and elephants adapted to the desert. Day and night safaris, 4x4x excursions and visits to the Himba ethnic group are an integral part of your days.

8) Hoanib skeleton coast camp

Located in the barren and solitary mountain region of Kaokoland on the border to the famous Skeleton Coast Park lies Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp on the banks of the ephemeral and eponymous Hoanib River. The award-winning design of the camp is futuristic and understated with an interior exuding a Scandinavian-style atmosphere. This desolate rust-coloured mountain region is home to desert-adapted elephant, desert lion, hyena, giraffe and oryx that can regularly be seen. Explore the floodplains and valleys on your excursion to the Skeleton Coast, so named for the many shipwrecks, whale-, and bones of other animals and unfortunate sailors that succumbed to the waterless coastal desert. Fly back to camp to enjoy a bird-eye view of the vastness and solitude of this barren landscape. This Wi-Fi free destination offers a unique naturally immersive safari experience free of the necessity to electronically connect to the outside world. Electronic devices such laptops, smartphones and tablets become superfluous in the presence of elephant and lion. Spend the evenings dining under the cupola of myriads of stars sitting around the fireplace afterwards to listen to the sounds of the night, interrupted by the grumbling roar of a desert lion calling his pride for the nocturnal hunt. Spending quality time at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is a life-changing experience that transforms your approach to digital devices towards a healthier habitude.

9) Hoanib skeleton coast camp

Flying over the geometric linear Etendeka Terraces of the rugged mountain region of Damaraland with its golden grass-covered valleys that turn green in the rain season creates a sense of serene and soul-soothing solitude. Imagine peaceful herds of springbok, groups of giraffes and family-bonded elephants roaming the fertile plains and shaded riverbeds, and solitary black rhino roving the vast rocky spaces of their last refuge in undisturbed freedom. As you continue to cruise over the south-western corner of Namibia you reach the ancient and enormous expanse of the Marienfluss that inescapably leads to the Kunene River that flows along the towering mountain ranges dividing the country from neighbouring Angola. It is here, set in one of southern Africa’s remotest region, Namibia’s Kaokoveld that Serra Cafema lies on the banks of the rushing Kunene River amidst luxuriant green riverine forests on the border to Angola. The camp comprises of eight tented chalets with in- and outdoor showers and en suite bathrooms. Here you can meet with the ochre people, the semi-nomadic Himba tribe and learn about their culture and traditions, or participating in activities such as boat cruises, guided quad biking, day & night game drives, and guided walks to learn more about the area. A sojourn at Serra Cafema guarantees a naturally digital detox experience without internet or cell phone coverage; where the overwhelmingly peaceful atmosphere of mountains, river, dunes, and plains contribute to a peace that profoundly regenerates body, mind, and soul.

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